Mar 13 2018

Squinty painful eyes?

When was the last time you went to see your eye doctor/optometrist/ophthalmologist? Was it recently? Was it for a routine eye exam, or to check your glasses or contacts prescription? Or, did you go in to see the eye doctor because of something wrong with your eyes? Well, I went to see Dr. Low ( last week when I got something in my right eye; it was tearing up, hurt a great deal, and was half closed from the pain. She performed the exact same procedures on my eye that I perform on my patients’ eyes! She used fluorescein stain to check for scratches to my cornea, used a magnifier to look for very small particles of debris, and flushed my eye with sterile saline. Ultimately, Dr. Low found the cause of my eye pain: a very minute round particle of debris stuck in the underside of my upper eyelid. I just wanted to share a little story so you could see how veterinary medicine connects into our daily lives in ways you may not have realized! As a general practice veterinarian, I treat your pets from nose to toes and everything in between. If his/her eyes are squinting, their toes are red and sore, if they are chewing at their backside, or any other issues, call or come in so that we can find the cause and the proper treatment.
~Dr. G

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