Dr. Gengler has been caring for my pets for several years. She and her staff are knowledgeable and really love the animals under their care. When my senior dog Zoey was diagnosed with cancer, Dr. Gengler was able to talk me through options and outcomes with compassionate reality. I believe Dr. Gengler’s care of Zoey during that time improved her quality and length of life. It was a hard time for me, and Dr. Gengler was there to help me through and understand how I could be there for Zoey.
When I adopted my 8 week old puppy Bean in 2011 it was Dr. Gengler that pointed out that that his “cute little belly” was worms, and his very quiet temperament was probably a symptom of a pretty nasty respiratory infection. Within a week she had baby Bean back to health and he has not stopped moving since. So much for my quiet and mellow puppy.

Bean is what you could call a dorky athlete. As a result he gets himself into some interesting situations and once again Dr. Gengler and her staff are there to bail him out. Dr. Gengler has helped me with a whole new set of Bean related issues. Like what happens when Bean eats rocks or the flap on the doggie door? Or how help an 80lb. dog who threw his back out diving for a ball. Did you know a dog can sprain their tail swimming? Bean can!

When I travel, Bean spends time boarding at Duvall Veterinary Hospital. I know he is kept out of trouble and has a great time with the staff, getting lots of treats and love. I always add on spa session with the groomer. Bean is a bit too crazy to wash at home but at the spa they take him on no problem. He comes home with less hair, a fresh pedicure, and smelling great (which he immediately tries to correct by rolling in something funky). But it is good while it lasts.

Thanks Dr. Gengler and all the crew at DVH for caring for my pets over the years and being there when we need you.

~LuAnn W. from Shoreline, WA

My husband and I are proud owners of two Boxers who unfortunately kept finding their way to the vet for various reasons. Fortunately, we were able to cross paths with Dr. Gengler during those frequent visits. What impressed me the most about her compared to other providers was how she communicated and explained to me and my husband what she felt was going on with our dogs. She would clearly explain what she suspected based on her physical exam and effectively educate us on what information could be gained from running or not running various tests to help form the best treatment plan. We have always felt apart of the decision making during this process and never “talked down to”. She is the perfect fit for our dogs and we appreciate her calm energy around them even when our girl is trying to lick her face clean. These are some of the reasons why we chose to follow her wherever she was practicing to ensure the best care for our pups and we were thrilled when she became the new owner of Duvall Veterinary Hospital. It is a longer drive for us but my husband and I are both in agreement that some people are worth the drive and she is one of them.
~Heather K. and Jim Z. from Bothell, WA
Owners of Lea and Tucker

Dr. Gengler has been seeing my critters, past and present, for years! It’s so hard to find a veterinarian that genuinely cares as much about your pet as you do, and is this wonderful! She truly treats my kiddos as if they were her own. Her knowledge and compassion always make me feel comfortable, even if I’m being a crazy cat mom, and I completely trust her. I swear, the only thing bigger than her heart is her smile. We love Dr. G!
~Ashley C. from Redmond, WA

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