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COVID-19 and Duvall Veterinary Hospital


A Letter From Dr. G.

After more than a year of social distancing, we are excited to announce that we will be reopening our doors very soon!

We have missed talking with our clients face to face, and plan on instituting a blended in-office/curbside protocol for the next few months. Regardless of your visit type, we ask that you please call upon arrival.

Beginning Tuesday, July 6th, we will allow ONE masked pet parent inside with their pet for all types of exams with one of our doctors, as well as for end of life care for your beloved pets.

We will continue curbside care for all diet and prescription pick-ups, technician appointments, including: toenail trims, anal gland expression, vaccine boosters, allergy injections, and other needs.

If you or a family member has health concerns, or simply prefer to remain in your vehicle, we are more than happy to accommodate curbside care for your appointment as well. 

If you or anyone in your family has been diagnosed with Covid-19, we ask that you stay home and take care of yourself. We are available for appointments when your health has improved!
Stay healthy and we look forward to seeing you in person,
Michelle Gengler, DVM and the Team at Duvall Veterinary Hospital

In-Office & Curbside Care At Duvall Vet

When you arrive for your pet’s visit, please note the change in our protocols: 

  • Curbside care appointments will remain an option for clients who prefer to wait outside.
  • One adult per appointment will be allowed to accompany the pet inside.
  • Regardless of visit type, please call upon arrival. 
  • At this time we are still requiring masks.
  • Sample or patient drop-offs, technician appointments, and supply pick-ups will remain curbside only until further notice.
  • Please maintain six feet of distance from others in the lobby.

To reiterate, we are currently allowing only one masked pet parent inside for the duration of the appointment. Thank you for your cooperation!